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About Drains Unlimited

Whether it’s the nearly-invisible DUW or the stylish DUFB, Drains Unlimited DU Series drains are a perfect fit for any luxury shower installation.

Where form meets function

As a manufacturing company we employ highly qualified personnel and operate technologically advanced equipment and machines. This allows us to comprehensively implement entrusted tasks – from technical consultancy in the design phase and through the production process to assembly.
Our team of engineers is soaked with extensive knowledge and passion, combined with imagination and long-term experience. This combination of elements is reflected in the projects we develop and implement. Our comprehensive technical know-how corresponding to the realities in the construction industry and industrial facilities means we can optimally tailor solutions to meet the needs of individual customers.
Our commercial division is made up of sales engineers who participate in the entire process. They are present at each phase of implementation of an order: during the preparation of projects, production, assembly, and installation works; acting as technical advisers. The scope of our operations is not limited to Poland or the European countries. Our goods and services are used by companies from the United States, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Australia, to name a few.

Our Products

Drains Unlimited linear drains are the perfect solution for every luxury shower installation. Available in with a wide variety of grate styles, finishes, and pre-made or custom size configurations.
We prepare elements of equipment and installation systems for facilities of the food, gastronomic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Our products are also available outside the United States, Canada and the Caribbean (North American region) through our partnership with ATT Inox Drains.

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Better design, better performance, for any application

Drains Unlimited DUW Series linear drains sit at the intersection of form and function. Thanks to rigorous research, development, and testing, DUW Series linear drains are the highest quality linear drains available on the market today. Our innovative design is hygienic, installer- and user-friendly, drains smooth and fast, all without spoiling your shower’s natural beauty
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