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Floor Trench Drain Systems

Highest hygienic design and construction standards, following EHEDG guidelines

V-Shape Bottom Channels (Trenches)

U-Shape Bottom Channels (Trenches)

Kitchen Channels (Trenches) w/Pressed Bottom

Channel (Trench) Grating

Channel (Trench) Edge Profile Reinforcement

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More laminar flow in comparison with typical rectangular shape bottom of the channel – faster transfer of fluids to the outlet. Less amount of water is required to keep the channel clean – environmentally friendly and efficient solution.


They are used to collect water from the surface of the floor and drain it into the sewage system. Drainages of this type are used in food (breweries, dairies, abattoirs) and chemical industries.


Slot channels are a simple and inexpensive surface drainage system, used in places where high hydraulic capacity of the channel is not required.

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Drains Unlimited has been involved in the design and manufacture of stainless steel floor drains, grease traps, strip channels, shower channels, and linear floor channels for over 20 years.