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Experience the gold standard in drainage technology with Drains Unlimited. Our expert team combines high-quality hygienic stainless steel with cutting-edge engineering to create state-of-the-art designs that exceed industry standards.

Why should you consider H. Design drainage technology that is implemented by us?

  • Deep pressed body without sharp edges 
  •  No welding joints in corners
  •   Single hygienic elements for effective cleaning

Hygienic  deep  pressed  floor drain top without sharp corners, enables self-cleaning and blocks bacteria growth. Butt welding technology is another key aspect of our industrial production line. We DO NOT implement  welding joints in the corners. Continuous welding is the key for us because it  prevents dirt accumulation. Folded edges, rounded or curved bottom, leveling feet made of stainless steel are key factors which place us among the industry’s top manufacturers. 

Description of the floor drains components

Bodies – round shape limits waste accumulation and enables easy waste removal. The welded joints are grinded to remove sharp edges and ensure safe installation or cleaning.

Gratings – available in various shapes, dimensions and finishing versions. The gratings are selected according to the loads and location of installation. We offer the following grating types: mesh anti-slip, ladder, plate and perforated sheet.

Waste baskets – recommended when the drained wastewater has a high content of solids.

Strainers – used when the amount of solids is small.

Traps – very functional and easy to maintain. Ensures easy access to the sewer, quick cleaning and offers a possibility of checking for locks.

Flanges – used when it’s necessary to drain water from horizontal systems installed under the floor.

Our Сatalog

Drains Unlimited has been involved in the design and manufacture of stainless steel floor drains, grease traps, strip channels, shower channels, and linear floor channels for over 20 years.