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Floor Cleanouts

Rw (Floor Cleanout) w/ Gas Tight Neoprene Rodding Eye Gasket

DcV1 (Floor Cleanout) w/ Solid Plate Grate & Gas Tight Neoprene Rodding Eye Gasket


These sewage system elements are widely applied in industrial facilities (chemical, food, pharmaceutical plants etc.). Use of a rodding eye allows quick access to the underfloor area and easy cleaning.

Rodding eyes are made of AISI304 or AISIB16 grade steel. Penetration of water is prevented by the seal installed between the bolted cover and the body.

– Three types of covers are available:
– Smooth (G)
– Checker diamond plate (R)
– Tileable

Edge finish allows for installation in any type of floor. We offer rodding eyes for sewage pipes of diameters from DN110.