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Integrated Linear Floor Drain 2.0 & S.S. Shower Pan


Made-to-fit custom order only. PNDUFR can be applied in any single plane slope shower installation. Drains Unlimited’s innovative patented design makes the Wall Mounted Linear Floor Drain friendly for builders to install, easy for homeowners to clean and maintain, and its hygienic characteristics are among the best in the market.


The PNDUFR stainless steel shower pan with integrated Wall Mounted Linear Floor Drain is a one-of-a-kind product . Like our DUFR Series Linear Floor Drains, this product is designed to meet the classic appeal of traditional linear drains with the added benefit of a close wall installation. The innovative wall-mounted design eliminates the strip of tile between the back wall and the drain, typically requiring bonding the waterproofing or the need to float the finish tile for the same aesthetic appeal.

Last but not least, these pans help to ensure stringent building code requirements in specific jurisdictions. Can also be used in areas where water penetration may potentially lead to major damages.